Klan Token

What is the Klan Token?

The engine of Klandestino is the Klan token, Klandestino Finance’s proprietary BEP-20 token. This token provides our clients with several options to generate income. In addition, Klan is the official governance token of the Klandestino Swap and will be used for future projects, as it will govern the di-rection of the Klandestino, which is completely community-driven.

KLAN is born, official address:

Klan is the gateway token for all the Swap services and upcoming functions. This token has been designed to provide holders with maximum value with a variety of use cases. Both current and future holders will appreciate the value described below. value described below.


We emphasize that from Klandestino Finance and with our Klan token, we want to set a trend in promising projects that have a great relevance on the sector of privacy and anonymity in Cryptocurrencies. We will choose by vote to which projects some of the funds will go. We believe that Klandestino DEFI, has to be a secure portal and we will work so that privacy in DEFI, networks, users and cryptocurrencies are not violated.

Benefits of the token

You can earn profits initially with KLAN on Yield Farms, earn KLAN by doing Stake, Loans with different types of conditions, Weekly Direct Prize, NFT Market Place with 3D figures of the «Klandestino Band» in which KLAN will be the currency. Everything as automated as possible for a more comfortable and profitable experience for the user.

And it also has extra earnings in limited Loyalty Bonus, initially intended for various DEX functions, Klandestino Swap users and KLAN token holders.


Token Name: KLAN

Token / Symbol: (KL) 

Token Supply: 30.000.000

Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain

Standar: Token BEP-20

Initial token value: 0,05 USDT

Bonus 5%: 1.500.000

Reserve 5%: 1.500.000

Token Name:

Token /Symbol:

Token Supply:

Blockchain Network:


Initial token value:

Bonus 5%:

Reserve 5%:




Binance Smart Chain

Token BEP-20

0,05 USDT



Supply Total

Klan has a limited total supply of 30 million tokens and this number will never increase. KLAN is the native token of Klandestino Swap and KLAN token holders have more opportunities to monetize.

The Klan issuance rate (extraction speed) is adjustable and is adjusted according to market requirements and demand. There is no fixed date for the completion of 100% farming. All agricultural production can be modified, thus adjusting the rate of extraction based on many factors. The first year and first few months will be this most significant reward, with initial multipliers of (20x 10x …) promotional in time.

The period of 4 years is purely informative speculation, as the speed of the farm, will be dictated by the performance production strategies for the evolution of Klandestino Finance, Klan Token and Klandestino Swap. No tokens will be reserved for team members, which simply means that even developers, controllers or founders of (Klandestino Finance Swap) must obtain Klan through Critical for Klan mining.

Distribution of Bonuses


It will include monthly bonuses of 10% + of the total APY at the end of that month and for 3 months 40% + at the end of that month (all will be indicated with dates that will serve as a guide). This reserve until the end of the stock, diversified also in rewards for our Borrowers with Klan Token for loyalty. The purchase bonus will be limited to 50,000 tokens. Will be for direct purchases and referrals of 1 Level.

500,000 Klan earmarked for monthly rewards. Once the liquidity is added, the maximum of 40% APY already earmarked for that liquidity will be taken as a measurement, locking that amount from the reserve, so there would be no possible subsequent return. Once the liquidity is withdrawn by the provider, the corresponding portion of the return will be unlocked for him, as well as for the return to the vault if the 3 month maximum has not been reached. Once the voucher is received, there will be a monthly lock-in, releasing 25% each week.

300,000 Klan will be allocated to borrowers who lock in their monthly principal, plus accrued interest with the security of a loan vault. A certain monthly amount of Klan will be received for loyalty destined to all suppliers, distributing Klan tokens among all according to participation percentages. A certain monthly amount will be distributed to all, who will have a monthly block, releasing 25% each week. Once the liquidity is withdrawn or exchanged in full, the KLAN token will run out of the bonus.

50,000 KLAN in direct bonuses, for referrals and friends 1 level. For the purchase, both will receive 5% more on the first purchase, with a maximum of one purchase applicable per day.

650,000 Klan in 5% of the COMPOSITE AND AUTO COMPOSITE claim, every 24h of 1 Level reference. Until the end of the stock (depending on production, can be added from mining once completed) will be delivered instantly, and added to the vault of Klan tokens available in Stake.


A small portion will go to Airdrops which will incentivize additional monthly bonuses. It will come out of a maximum of 5% of the total KLAN which will be reserved for future decisions on KLAN holders, for rewards for possible hacking failures and for privacy and anonymity-oriented projects and for any decisions that have to do with the sustainability of the project.